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Re: Taylor Swift, Why The Hate?

I don't understand the seething hatred she seems to illicit in some, either. I'm not a die hard fan certainly, but I've got one of her albums in my iTunes library and like it just fine.

Sometimes I will see people though bitching and moaning about her on Facebook, and my general response is "Why?" If she's so terrible, why bother listening to her? I'd be much more sympathetic if people would spend their energy boasting about music they do like or that they do enjoy and want to share, as opposed to the artist or music they can't stand.

You know what I can't stand? Okra. But you don't see me going everywhere complaining about it. I don't particularly like Grey's Anatomy, either, but it's in my interest (career-wise) to stay informed on that show and what's going on with the characters from week week. Do I go into the Grey's episode review threads and complain about how its sometimes just a show about doctors having sex with each other? No.

In conclusion, if you must hate on Taylor (or others like her) swell. I'd just rather not hear about it.
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