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Re: TNG Caption This! 307: I'm not Evil, I'm Parallel

Thanks for the win, Leadhead. Glad you enjoyed your hiatus!

Patrick Stewart: And, I can now announce I've been cast by J.J. Abrahms...

Crowd: *Murmers of excitement and cheers*

Patrick Stewart: Emperor Palpatine's clone!

Crowd: *jeers, boos, and gasps*

Patrick Stewart: I love messing with Trekkers!

Worf: But in the early 21st Century, Nobel Prize Winner Jenny McCarthy warned us all of the dangers of vaccinations!

Crusher: Wow, your reality is really messed up. Perhaps you should just stay in this one!

Data: Tonight's Thursday. On Thursday nights, Worf strips naked, and runs through the corridors yelling Klingon curses.

Worf: I think I'm going to like this reality!

Worf: *to himself* I can accept Riker being Captain. I can accept being XO. I can accept the bridge design. I can even accept Wesley taking over my position. But I cannot accept Wesley's haircut. Does this reality have no sense of style?!

Picard: So, it's agreed. You'll give us Worf and in exchange we'll give you Wesley and Barclay. Just give us a minute to get them ready... *signals for the audio to be cut-off* Number One, get Reg and Wesley packed and in the transporter room in 5 minutes. I'm afraid if we wait any longer, they'll wise up and realize we're getting the better end of the deal!

Riker: So, naked Thursdays? Not a bad idea you have there. Yeah, I think we can put it on the ship's calendar.
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