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Re: Questions on Insurrection, on the Baku

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the movie seems to bend over backwards to have the Baku never ASKED directly to give up their home planet
The thing is from a movie making / plot point of view, the Baku CAN'T be asked. Ever, at any point in the movie, not the beginning and not the end.

Starfleet: "if we collect the particles in orbit, they will help billions of people."

If the Baku agree to Starfleet moving them to another planet, there basically is no movie, there's no conflict.

If the Baku disagree after things are explained to them, they become unsympathetic to the vast majority of the movie audience.


In the movie, the Baku never say they won't leave, and they never volunteer to leave, they never ask Picard to take a representative outside the Brier Patch to communicate with the Federation council, and no one suggests to them that they do this. The Baku never ask to speak to the Admiral.

None of these thing can happen in the movie, a lot of other things that would seem to make sense can't happen. The plot of the movie wouldn't allow them to happen.

For example, when Picard arrives with a shit load of weapons, the Baku (who apparently trust Picard) don't ask him to remove their children to safety aboard his ship. Because this would eliminate Data's conversations with the young boy.

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