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C Space-Based Scifi Short Using No CGI Or Green Screen

The people at Seaquark Films, a science fiction and narrative film initiative by Derek Van Gorder and Otto Stockmeier,
built highly detailed miniature models.

Their recently completed film C, or it’s longer name of 299,792 Kilometers Per Second (the speed of light) is a remarkable demonstration of what can be done without the use of CGI or green screen. The film was made entirely without the aid of those two stalwart tools so commonly used in almost every production today and was filmed entirely with in-camera effects, miniatures, stop-motion, and a few other old school tricks.
13 minute short film Vimeo link here.
While the end result definitely has that retro look to it, it’s very impressive and evokes a sense of nostalgia for a lost era of filmmaking. The story is intriguing and the end, like any good story, leaves you both satisfied and wanting more. You can watch the entire short here.


there was a lot of work on the sound design which is great.
I felt the acting was the weakest point.
i liked the fake 16mm science documentary feel for that stuff although they should have added film grain at the start and also dirt to it like they added fake film grain half way through.
this will be a good calling card for the director to maybe get a feature film.

from their Twitter feed:
Anyone in Austin, Texas this Sunday? Dailymotion will be playing C on the big screen as part of their Cinema Selects screening. Bloc 4, starting 10:00 AM March 11th at the Hideout Lounge and Theatre.

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