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All I know about Miller's politics is the way he lambasted Reagan and decried the perceived corruption of government to an almost paranoid level in DKR. What makes him a fascist?
Which leads to a key issue here: artists express themselves through their art. There are few artists (though some, true - mainly a few actors) whose public stances on issues have so offended me that I can no longer enjoy their craft. F'rinstance, I'm a huge Harry Belafonte fan. I think he's a great entertainer and a lovely man. He's also a real humanitarian. Politically, I think he's an absolute nutjob. I still love his singing and performances, though, and would be horrified if he were prevented from performing.

Back to my first question, though, I really don't know what this is about: how is Miller a fascist?
"shall not be infringed" is naturally open to infringements of all kinds, because shut up and think of the children.
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