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Descent was TNG's best 2-parter

My favorite scene... the way they ended the first hour...

Picard, Troi, Geordi, and the yellow shirt guy were in this big room looking for Data and I can't remember who but either Picard or Troi commented that the room looked like some kind of meeting hall (which was weird because that room is too big and there weren't any desks or tables or anything like that and it, too me, looked more like an alien gym).

Geordi's tricorder scan finds something dangerous so they decide they should get the hell out of there but as they turn to leave -- too late! Thousands or Borgs (does "Borg" have a plural form? ) come tearing into that big room surrounding them. All four of our people stop and go back toward each other armed with phasers.

The yellow shirt is about to shoot a Borg. He manages to get off one shot but a few Borg (or Borgs) shoot him down and kill him on the spot. That was dumb and funny to try to attempt to kill all those thousands of Borg drones. Think about it: 4 now 3 Starfleet officers vs. thousands of Borg drones. They're outnumbered.

The Borg take advantage of being outnumbered by closing in and ganging up on Picard, Troi, and Geordi about to hurt them but then who Picard think is Data comes up on the platform and shuts everyone up.

When Lore is protesting and shows them the real Data, the Borg shout out their approval and Troi, Picard, and Geordi have no choice but to look on that scene of madness.

I'm just wondering how hard it was to locate Data when he was in that room the entire time. He still had on his combadge so it should'nt have been that hard to find him. If my memory is straight, one group was looking for Data. I think that was Picard's Away Team as Worf and Riker were with Huge trying to find Picard, Geordi, and Troi.

And if Lore and Data are both robots, even if they have emotions, how is Troi able to sense feelings in them? I thought Troi could only read minds of living biological lifeforms.

By the way, that's an interesting way to start the New Years holiday 2370 (Pt. 1 ended Season 6 and Pt. 2 was Season 7's premiere)!

Oh, and in case anyone's interested, I just learned that the yellow shirt at the Aft Science Station working with the girl at the tactical station is Jo-Bril's human form.

For an overall review I think the 2-hour "Descent" episode was my favorite TNG 2-parter... just above "Gambit" because of Data going nuts and turning against the crew, Beverly being left having to watch the ship with minimal bridge crew, and that exciting scene with Picard, Troi, and Geordi in that big room being confronted by that big Borg army.

They must have had a REALLY Big budget to be able to afford all those extras and all those Borg costumes... which brings me to say this...

I found it interesting how the outpost where the first Away Team that got ambushed by Borg was the same outpost their party took place in the "Starship Mine" episode. I'm unclear... did Riker, Worf, Data, and the yellow shirt beam to the Akira Base or the Borg ship?

Oh and I love hearing Data speak in Picard's voice... when Data fooled Geordi into thinking Picard came to get him out of there.

This was just a great episode. I just wish I could forget the outcome of this episode so I can watch it again.
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