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Re: "Upside Down" sci fi romance film (May 2011) with Jim Strugess

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There's been a number of these indie sort of movies with some sci-fi hook. Kirsten was also in Melancholia (and that Outer Limits episode as a precursor), there's Another Earth, Extraterrestrial, 4:44 Last Day on Earth, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, and others I'm forgetting. This one seems to be doing a little more in playing up it's sci-fi angle, though. Kind of reminds me a little of Fire and Ice from Lexx season 3.
The Sound of Her Voice, time travel. Written and starring Brit Marling if I remember correctly.

Also, Robot & Frank.

Also, Never Let me go, clones.

Looper, time travel, is borderline, being made and bugeted like an indie but marketed as a mainstream action flick.

SF without spaceships have been occasionally sneaking into movies for quite some time.

SF plot devices have been a staple of many movies, but the verisimilitude they aimed at has confused the deep thinkers who can't tell the difference between fantasy and SF and realism.
The first half of the recent Side Effects was straightforward SF in many ways, til it relieved the tension by turning into a thriller.
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