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Re: Bugs (1990s UK Sci-fi Series).

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Bugs holds up OK - aside from the perennial problem of effects dating faster than anything except fashions and haircuts -
On hindsight the 1990s as a decade was essentially a toned down 1980s 2.0.

It helps that Bugs's aged digital visual effects when used looked OK when depicting fictional industrial/corporate buildings or depicting stuff on computer screens (they were at their worst in the space shuttle story, though the cargo shuttle bay was a great set for a TV show).

The lack of solid/competent but sometimes not movie quality CGI we've gotten so use to seeing in sci-fi shows made in past decade makes Bugs feel a bit more grounded in some respects (with a lot of effort going into the sets, location shooting and lighting, which haven't really dated awfully).

but keep away from Crime Traveller. However enjoyable it might have been to a kid, any adult SF fan will find their nitpicker gene working overtime.
I checked out the Crime Traveller trailer on Bugs' stripped down DVD extras: tis a silly looking show.
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