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Re: who the fff... put Troi in that outfit??

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Actually, she needed a better fitting than the S1 skant. That S7 skant was waaaaay more flattering on her

I really could have tolerated her wearing that S7 one the whole time, probably not Tasha or Ro, but a counselor... maybe
Wow. Before I saw that I actually thought Marina Sirtis wore that exact same skant in "All Good Things..." she did for "Encounter at Farpoint".

As far as I'm certain they started putting Troi in a uniform because the viewers like her better in a uniform and since Troi started wearing one since "Chain of Command" Marina Sirtis herself said she preferred being in uniform. I like to place my money that Sirtis spoke up to the producers and said she wanted to start wearing a uniform again...

More episodes of her in this outfit would've been nice however.
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