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Sprouse said the controversy was distracting him in his work being a bit coy about his views. Doesn't make it less unprofessional if you feel that way about him but just saying he hasn't truly declared a position on the topic (at least in the linked article).

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DC probably should've never hired Card to begin with
Well, they had no problem hiring Frank Miller to write Batman despite his fascist views.
Different day, my friend.

The world's changing. We're becoming more tolerant of people different than ourselves and less tolerant of people who use race, religion and sexual orientation as tools to drive division among us.
The other thing is that the internet extends both the lifespan and accessibility to things in people's personal life. Something that might have only been known to the hardcore is out there for all. A fleeting statement in passing can now live indefinitely. Look at how many people fired for silly Facebook/Twitter things that no one had to see in the first place if they weren't being nosy about that person (and those are just the ones that have been posted).
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