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Let's turn this on its head for a minute; let's boycott Chris Sprouse for his intolerance of other people's views. That man should never get work again. Right?
If you want to try, go ahead. However, I don't think you'll get much support. It's also a weak conservative attack, "Oh, you must be intolerant of ideas if you don't tolerate intolerant people."

But, anyway...

That does bring up an interesting point, though. How does DC really feel about Sprouse doing this? Sprouse just showed himself to be unreliable and willing to leave his publisher in a lurch based on whim. Is this someone you give more work to? Can you depend on them? Sprouse has been highly unprofessional here. If he didn't want to work with Card in the future, then that's fine; but to back out on your commitment to drawing an inoffensive story? I wouldn't hire Sprouse again.
It's an interesting question. I bet they will continue to hire him. He's a very popular artist, he's work attracts an audience, and he sells books. Perhaps if he regularly did this, but, if not then it would be rather a stupid business decision, don't you think? Unprofessional in THIS instance or not, he still makes the company money. They are going to continue to work with him.

I guess you'll have to not buy his books.

DalekJim wrote: View Post
Pingfah wrote: View Post
So you can boycott a product, that's fine and dandy. You can also tell anyone in the world you wish that you are doing so and why, except the company that actually produces the product, because that would be sickening...
No, unlike you I believe in free speech so I think people can, and should, say what they like.
Freedom of speech! Except for those using it to protest!

Honesty is a virtue I treasure. The problem comes when people are hypocrites about it and demand that people they disagree with on legal definitions should be unable to produce art. To me that is offensive.
1. For some it's not about legal definition. It literally is about Freedom. Because it has nothing to do with you personally, you don't see that.

2. Card is free to continue to produce his art. He's a writer. He doesn't need anyone to hire him. He can write, anytime, anywhere he wants. Probably most of his money comes from his novels, not the occasional comic he does. So, he's not being stopped from writing. "Oh, but, he's being stopped from making a living." No, he's being stopped from working at DC. He can continue to write and sell his novels.

Personally I'm not too invested in Orson Scott Card's comic book career but he did write Ender's Game which is a really good book and a very significant sci-fi novel. Should that now be boycotted due to the author's views? Should it be banned from being sold? I find that ideology ludicrous.
Lovely straw man, but no one is talking about banning it. That's clearly against the First Amendment. If a store wants to sell it they are free to do so. If a store DOESN'T want to sell it, they are free to do so. Just as people are free to protest the selling of the book or not.

The concept of offence is so distorted, fetishised and warped in our culture. People feel they have the right not to be offended and that those who cause offence should be shunned. I couldn't disagree more.
The concept of Freedom of Speech is so distorted, that people think they are protected that they should be able to say anything and then scream "FREEDOM!1!" and not be called out.

The First Amendment protects us from the Government. It shouldn't protect us from each other.

TREK_GOD_1 wrote: View Post

Better in your opinion. Funny how you cannot even consider that the OSC side may sincerely believe the same thing.
I am SURE they think they are trying to make the world a better place. So? What's your point? That you think I'm so closed minded or something? OSC believes in certain things that make the world a better place. A lot of bigots do.

You can say whatever you want, but you flee from the point: why are you incapable of exercising free will and buying something else? Or are you a person seeking absolute thought and action control over any and all entities? Smells like the latter.
I don't flee from it. I know I can. I know I have free will to buy another book. Just like I have free will to join a protest. And as far as absolute thought and action control? Your tin hat is showing.

I love how the ONLY way to express free will in your mind is to NEVER join a group doing something you believe in.

See the point about "Funny how you cannot even consider that the OSC side may sincerely believe the same thing" regarding the "better world" concept. You are so hostile and one-sided in your view, that the other side is "the wrong side" in this matter.
Hey, if you want to come out and say gay men and women shouldn't be allowed to marry, just say it. You don't have to hide it in obfuscation.

Yes, because polls are really capturing the true opinion of half of 300+ million individuals, from the child to the elderly. As Mitt Romney learned somewhere around summer of last year, some polling data is not an accurate measure of real world opinion or action.
It's hard living in your echo chamber. Actually, most polls did show Obama leading... but, that's a little OT.

The reality is: gay marriage has consistently shown more and more approval. It's getting approved in more and more states. I could bring you a flash light for your echo chamber if you like.

I didn't get my panties in a twist when the "Million" Moms tried to protest JC Penny's hiring of Ellen.
But you ARE getting your panties in a bunch over OSC's business relationship with DC.

Do YOU get upset with the Million Moms? Are YOU consistent in your thinking?
Nice try, but not working, as you remain the one hostile and one-sided here.
Oh, so you're not going to answer the question about whether or not you are consistent in your thinking. Rather, turn it into an attack. Nice. Transparent. But... nice tactic.
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