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Re: Taylor Swift, Why The Hate?

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Her shtick is getting old. She isn't a 16-year-old writing love songs anymore. She is a superstar who has a hit list of romantic love songs, nothing else. Either she broke up with her boyfriend, or she's in bliss, usually as a teenager.

I am over being a teenager. I didn't particularly like being a teenager. It wasn't all that great, and I find people talking about it like it was the "best days of your life" is not only cliche, but caused me a lot of trouble when I had a bad day as a teenager. "This is a as good as life gets, and I'm not making the most of it." I actually had these thoughts because everyone was telling me about "freedom." Therefore, it can be damaging.

When I see someone as successful as Taylor Swift I expect them to be talented, first of all. She is not a vocalist. When she hits her next high note, it will be her first. And she has no social commentary. She made 21 million dollars in 2011 alone. And for what? Teenage love?

Michael Jackson had "We are the World," "Black or White," and "Man in the Mirror." Garth Brooks had "The Change," "We Shall Be Free," and "Standing Outside the Fire." When you get this big you say something about the world that hasn't been said before, and hopefully, has a positive impact. Where is that from Swift?

More than that, there was a varying voice in the love songs of Brooks, in particular. "The Thunder Rolls" about spousal abuse from third-person, "Shameless" was a love song from a man who didn't want to write one, etc. This is nowhere in Swift's music.

She had an opportunity, a big one, by switching the sex of the soldier that came home on the "Ours" video. Instead, it's just another love song that will fade into obscurity as soon as people get tired of her. Her music will not last after her career is over. She is a flash in the pan, gets really hot, and then fades away. I can't stand to listen to her anymore.

She never grew up as an artist, and that is what I hold against her.
Aren't you being a bit too harsh? I'm no Taylor Swift fan, and I'm as sick of her dissing ex-boyfriends through song routine as anyone. But not every singer has to use songs as a means of making social commentary on life and the world.

There is nothing wrong with writing "frivolous" songs and making millions as a result. That's her thing, you don't have to like it, I really don't care for most of her songs myself. But I don't think being famous means she has to have a profound message in her songs because really, who the hell cares? Most of the time, these songs are just something playing on the radio when I'm in the car or I watch the music video channel when I'm unbelievably bored. Not exactly the time when I'm seeking enlightenment over anything.

I do agree she should find a better means of dealing with her relationship issues than wrting songs slamming her ex-boyfriends, but that's neither here nor there.
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