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The boycott isn't about bringing down DC. DC is not being threatened. ONE comic book is being boycotted. So, your point is... pointless...
That would apply to you, since you are complaining about personal opinion having nothing to do with the duty or substance of his job. Attempted thought and action control of a business.

That is where you stand.

Sure. That's an option. And just let things like racism and homophobia continue. But, then, it's not really your problem, so who cares, right?
Crossed the border of hyperbole long ago.

Some people DO care. Some people like to try and make the world a better place. You are free to participate or not
Better in your opinion. Funny how you cannot even consider that the OSC side may sincerely believe the same thing.

The company might not shelve the story. It's up to them. It's called the Free Market. Why shouldn't the market be able to speak to the producers?
You can say whatever you want, but you flee from the point: why are you incapable of exercising free will and buying something else? Or are you a person seeking absolute thought and action control over any and all entities? Smells like the latter.

Ok, then you prove the opposite. That his advocacy of bigotry reflects WELL on DC.
See the point about "Funny how you cannot even consider that the OSC side may sincerely believe the same thing" regarding the "better world" concept. You are so hostile and one-sided in your view, that the other side is "the wrong side" in this matter.

Over 50 percent of Americans support gay marriage. That's not media, that's math. I know reality challenges your conceptions of what you think Americans believe... but... it'll be ok.
Yes, because polls are really capturing the true opinion of half of 300+ million individuals, from the child to the elderly. As Mitt Romney learned somewhere around summer of last year, some polling data is not an accurate measure of real world opinion or action.

The market of ACTUAL comic book buyers is SO small. That, again, 16,000 is a significant number.
As noted to another member, titles are cancelled often--the point being if a OSC comic was cancelled, why is suddenly more significant that the other stack of titles yanked since 2000?

But... it would be the companies choice.
Ohhh no. This thread has served as the stage for a number of members advocating anything other than allowing DC to handle its own affairs. any action to follow is DC's business,

I didn't get my panties in a twist when the "Million" Moms tried to protest JC Penny's hiring of Ellen.
But you ARE getting your panties in a bunch over OSC's business relationship with DC.

Do YOU get upset with the Million Moms? Are YOU consistent in your thinking?
Nice try, but not working, as you remain the one hostile and one-sided here.
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