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So you can boycott a product, that's fine and dandy. You can also tell anyone in the world you wish that you are doing so and why, except the company that actually produces the product, because that would be sickening...
No, unlike you I believe in free speech so I think people can, and should, say what they like. Honesty is a virtue I treasure. The problem comes when people are hypocrites about it and demand that people they disagree with on legal definitions should be unable to produce art. To me that is offensive.

Personally I'm not too invested in Orson Scott Card's comic book career but he did write Ender's Game which is a really good book and a very significant sci-fi novel. Should that now be boycotted due to the author's views? Should it be banned from being sold? I find that ideology ludicrous.

The concept of offence is so distorted, fetishised and warped in our culture. People feel they have the right not to be offended and that those who cause offence should be shunned. I couldn't disagree more.
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