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Bugs (1990s UK Sci-fi Series).

Does anybody remember Bugs, a sci-fi show from the mid to late 1990s?

Here are the opening credits used for the show.

I'm currently marathon running through a DVD boxset of the entire run in the past week or so and it holds up surprisingly well, even if the 1990s computer/cellphone tech is glaringly dated now and a lot of the badguys are almost laughable 2D cutouts. Starring Jaye Griffiths, Jesse Birdsall, and Craig McLachlan, and made with a relatively high budget, with slick production values that still look good, it could easily be seen as a proto-NuWho from way back before the turn of the millennium, though in essence it felt and looked more like a cross between Primeval and Spooks (with Bugs aimed more at the former show's viewing demograph instead of the latter).

Also a lot of supporting guest stars in Bugs are very familiar faces seen in more recent hit shows (like Togo Igawa, Ian McNeice, Anton Lesser and Hugh Bonneville, among others).

While Bugs was a solid series that was ahead of its time, with near future cyberpunk stories and a show formula that would work today, and well produced, the show's occasionally used visual effects jump out as pretty bad nowadays and looked poor even next to 1990s Star Trek/Babylon 5 visual effects (think early Photoshop and Tron era CGI) and it seems like Bugs was crippled by the departure of scriptwriter Stephen Gallagher (plus a character having the actor playing him change).

But the show had loads of explosions (setting off more bombs in Britain than IRA terrorists, who incidently disrupted the Bugs production crew).
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