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No it's both an online and paper comic. The online version gets released before the physical copies ship.

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Comic companies cancel titles often. Take a look at the number DC alonr has dropped in the past 5 years. A decade.
And that is not good. The turnover is just one of the signs they are not doing too well.
Not so fast: you were specifically citing the OSC petition as:

Their cancellation threshold is around 10-20,000 so yes 16,000 or even 4000 could make or break a book
--a potential threat, but the next point you miss is that if a OSC title was cancelled, it would not be some grand threat to DC as it pulls titles often. His would just be another in along line of axed titles, so in the grand scheme of things, it means nothing--ther than to ideologues who want it to mean something.

No you are missing the point. People boycotting the comic, the editors paying for a story that will never see the light of day, that eats away at their bottom line.
See the previous reply.

The bad rep, that is going to hurt sales and hurt their future plans for Superman. And Warner isn't going to be too pleased either with the bad publicity.
Where is your proof of this regarding Superman? Superman is bigger than 16,000 complaints few even care about, and to the majority of the population even aware of the character (far beyond the realm of comic book readers), Superman is Mickey Mouse. The character has a pop-cultural meaning removed from the little political dust ups of the times(if it even qualifies as that). That's how the biggest brands survive.
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