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Re: How much did Voyager know of the Dominion as of "Caretaker"?

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Well it all depends on when Eddington took over the Maquis, if he was their absolute leader from the beginning and did only move his base of operations from Earth to Bajor as of DS9 season 3, rather than he just stumbled into the job after Cal Hudson bought the farm.

Not only would Eddington, as head of DS9 Security, have known about the Dominion, but if he was half the Statesman he thought of himself as, Mike would have opened feelers to the Dominion for an alliance on some level to contend with the Cardassians. If Eddington went himself to the homeworld of the Founders, it all would have been hush hush, but if he farmed out the responsibility to some thug lieutenant, word amongst the Maquis would have spread about a potential new white knight ally that was going to save everyone. In fact, it was probably this brief alliance and it's catastrophic failure behind the scenes in season 3 ds9 which is why the Dominion reacted so damn strongly when it became their job to answer the Maquis question.

My point is.

My obvious point is... Chakotay could have told Kathryn allllllllllllllllllllllllllll about the Maquis.
My assumption about that Maquis was there was no absolute "leader", but simply leaders of certain cells (Macias, Cal, Eddington). It makes a lot more sense to have a decentralized organization, when you've got two major powers hunting you.

Whether Eddington was always working with the Maquis or simply decided to defect for whatever reason at some point, we can only speculate.

There's absolutely no evidence Eddington attempted some sort of "alliance" with the Dominion. That seems rather far-fetched to me for a number of reasons.
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