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Re: The new SimCity...*sigh*

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Apparently EA has suspended all promotion and advertising until further notice.

MASSIVE damage control mode...quite possibly the worst product roll out since New Coke. There game updates have turned into a stream of apologies and non-answers.

Still hoping they'll have an offline mode.
Initially I was hoping for this so that maybe, eventually it would be a game I could buy and play. I was really looking forward to Sim City and was disappointed when I learned about the always online part.

Now though, after reading reviews, I feel like there are too many other issues. Being able to save locally and not have to play on servers would be great, but it sounds like the game might not be that great even with those changes.
The reviews I've read said that (connection issues aside) it's a solid game. Yeah, the cities are a little small...but it's still fun during those fleeting periods of playability.
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