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Re: Earth ship Valiant

Relying on relativity to keep your crew alive and happy is somewhat predominantly dependent on acceleration. If it takes you a year to work your way up to the nineties, you will be overshooting the obvious nearby targets... And it will be a chore to stop at anything interesting but unscheduled.

If the Valiant set out for a sublight journey where relativity, rather than cryosleep, made traveling in a tiny tin can tolerable, then she probably was configured for a specific destination rather distant from Earth. It wouldn't pay to go explore unknown worlds that way: you'd have to know what was there that was worth your while before you started building the ship. Also, if you failed to make contact with home base after a few decades (say, in the early 2060s, following a 2020 launch), you wouldn't be "lost" for the next two centuries - your course would be known in detail, you could not deviate from it even if you wanted, and warpships would eventually come check you out.

Unless, of course, you were eaten by a course-altering space anomaly: a wormhole, a tachyon stream, a magnetic storm, a space amoeba, whatever.

Timo Saloniemi
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