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Re: Galileo Restoration Update - February 2013

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It's not very clear from these photos was was actually left of this thing when it was first acquired. It looks like there was nothing more than a metal frame and no interior or shell. Are there any good photos documenting what actually existed before the new pieces started getting fabricated? Post-restoration you're going to want to know what's still original and what's not. If there's nothing left of the shell after restoration, it's really not much of a restoration anymore. It's a recreation over a metal framework that could just as well have been built from scratch also.
There is information as well as pictures of Galileo in various stages of decomposition on various sites on the internet. There are even pics out there of the Miarecki work. You could extrapolate from there what is old and new.
In my thoughts comments throughout the years gave Ed a bad rap back when he worked on the prior restoration. I don't know...perhaps his work on her helped to stabilize her so that she would not have deteoriated even more. I know that she sat outside and all but a coat of paint can make alot of difference.Again, I am glad that she is still with us.
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