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Re: What sunk the TNG movie franchise: Insurrection or Nemesis?

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Poor Gates really got hard done by in Nemesis. A lot of her scenes gave Crusher a much greater presence in the film and she and Stewart have a nice chemistry. A shame. Wish the deleted scenes existed in better quality....
Beverly was an afterthought in all the movies, sadly. The writer's need to keep Picard single for the movies really harmed their relationship.
The really tragic thing about Nemesis in particular though is that while the good doctor was effectively overlooked in both First Contact and Insurrection (and the fans made sure the production team knew it), the script for Nemesis actually gives her a terrific part. She's the closest member of crew to Picard, on a personal level, and those deleted scenes show it. We don't really get a feel for Picard's angst over being cloned in the final cut, whereas those scenes where Beverly gently reminds him that he and Shinzon are different people is a gentle reminder of the closeness of their relationship. As are their scenes together at the wedding, and the spiritual coda with her keying him in from Starfleet medical ("Jean Luc... save the last dance for me.") Gates even says in the DVD special features that she actually recognises Dr Crusher in the script of Nemesis, unlike the previous two movies where she was just 'there'. But alas, Stuart Baird cut out all her scenes. They finally had a story where Crusher had a key part to play, but they blew it anyway.

Nobody came away from Nemesis intact though. People talk about the TNG movies being 'The Picard & Data Show', but even their story arc got ruined by the director's scissors this time around. I almost subconsciously make allowances for the deleted scenes now whenever I rewatch it, so at least the idea of Data trying to help his little brother along by performing the memory upgrade makes sense to me in context of the missing scenes where he tries to teach B4 to mature, instead of just coming out of thin air as a bizarre plot device intended to carry the actor through to the (non-existant) sequel like it does in the final cut. As I've said before, you know a TNG movie really went wrong when even Brent Spiner's plot got ruined in the editing room. :facepalm:
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