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Re: Convention Circuit - Least Favorite Person Associated With Trek?

If anyone has any stories about autograph inscriptions, I'd be curious. I'm an inscription fan, and have quite a few good ones, never had any problems getting them either. Off the top of my head I've got...

Voyager EMH: "Please state the nature of the medical emergency"
Seven of Nine: "Resistance is Futile..."
Worf: "Today is a Good Day to Die"
Tasha Yar: "No Good-byes, Just Good Memories"
Sulu: "Warp Speed!"
Uhura: "Hailing Frequencies Open"
Borg Queen: "Watch your Future's End" / "I am the beginning, the end, the one who is many. I am the Borg." / "Resistance is Futile." / "Welcome Home, Locutus"

Can't think of the rest... have a fair number of personalizations. "To me" and such.

Oh I do have through an experiment Creation did, a personalized "Beam me up!" from Shatner. That's cool.

Have more inscriptions but the rest are from non-Trek so...

And when I met Edward James Olmos from nuBSG? He was a gem! I got 10 autographs from him, and he gave me a discount - he was charging $50 and only charged me $30 a pop. I think he may have thought I was a re-seller due to I brought my own photos and had so many, and so he insisted on personalizing them - which is ironic cause you used to have to pay more for such! But I have all the great Adama quotes. "So Say We All" and "Sometimes You Have to Roll the Hard Six" and more. I know he's not Trek but, he was awesome and nice and took his time and was friendly and talked and did me a big favor and took his time signing everything. One of the best autograph-centric experiences.

Oh and I'd murder for a "Live Long and Prosper" autograph from Leonard Nimoy, lol. Doubtful I'll ever see it.
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