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Surprised to see majority like the late DS9/TNG movie uniform... to be it's rather dull.
Chalk me up as another one who doesn't like them. I like the bright primary colors of TOS and TNG (and NuTrek of course). I think that's a key component in the 'Star Trek look'. Red, Blue, Yellowish-Green. It's damn iconic, and I was never sold on those terrible early-DS9/VOY variants with the colors inverted. And even less so the First Contact ones, which hid the colors as mere undershirts beneath bland black-and-gray. Ick.

I'm half-and-half on the TWOK uniforms. I recognise their beauty, but also think they're horribly overstylized for their (practical) applications. It says a lot that some of the later TOS movies saw the crew wearing 'casual' variants for actual day-to-day use. On some level, I'd even go as far as to say the sweaters worn by the landing party in The Final Frontier are preferable to the 'Mounties In Spaaaaaace!' look.
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