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Re: Star Wars re-imagined as Cyberpunk

That was pretty good. I could really get behind writing a script for that! I was always a big cyberpunk fan, and could really give those guys some noirish lines.

"Mr Link, sir, you're being an ass."
"Yeah, well, Chip, I've had a bad day."
"Removing your opponent's head does ten to prevent him from answering questions."
"Don't worry, I know a guy."
<musical tones reminiscent of, instead of a jammed doorbell, a punk guitarist in a blender>
"Yeah, he's not my first choice either, Rod, but the Shark knows what's what."

(spot the William Gibson reference)
"Ö Times change, and so must IÖ we all change. When you think about it, we are all different people, all through our lives and thatís okay, thatís good! You've gotta keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be."
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