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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I've been playing in the Neverwinter beta today and I've got to say its a beautiful game. Compared to Turbine's DDO's city of Stormreach which never truly felt like a city, the city of Neverwinter created by Cryptic feels like a living breathing fantasy medieval city.

The few dungeons maps I have seen so far are very well done. Very atmospheric, filled to the brim with stuff, non repetitive (which is a feat) and laid out much better than STO's style of room, long passage, room, long passage, room layout.

The only thing that stumped me a little is the class system and class abilities. Part of it stems from me know very little about 4th edition D&D rules. All classes only get to use 3 at-will abilities, 3 encounter abilities and 3 daily abilities? Also, I'm not getting why we're picking specialized classes at character creation time. For example, if I picked the class Control Wizard at character creation, does it mean I can't be another type of wizard in the future when Cryptic adds more wizard types? That just seem like a very strange game design.

Overall, I think Neverwinter will be a sweet game to play if I wasn't already committed to STO.
As you gains levels you unlock more at will, encounter and daily powers. When you are at camp sites you can then switch out the powers as you like. In 4th they break up the classes more then in earlier additions. So I assume they will eventually add other build , wizard sword Mage, dps wizards. Battle clerics warlords, etc....
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