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Re: All About the Communicator

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The Franz Joseph Tech Manual has a circuitry diagram. Anyone know if it would actually work? Did he copy the diagram for a kid's walkie talkie or something?
The circuit looks legit, and the noted frequencies are all "CB" (citizen's band). The diagram also notes "20th century" equivalent.

Still, there's almost a "steam punk" aspect to the manual—such as the profile shot of the tricorder interior showing the bulky electronics of the 1970s. SMDs (surface mount devices) existed in the '60s, but did not become widespread until a couple decades later.

The point is that there is no suggestion of advanced technology. STAR TREK (the show) did this as well. For example, in "I, Mudd" Norman is able to pass as completely human, yet his access cover looks like hard plastic, and his interior looked like period electronics. THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN did this, as well. (An arm wouldn't be packed with control-type electronics.)

Ash, from ALIEN, was the first android I saw on screen that looked like machinery that might pass as a living organism. (Of course, this made his dismemberment that much more disgusting.)
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