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Re: A question about remastering DS9 for HD...

Cheers Tiberius. I agree, it's an excellent book, truly in-depth.

I'm also glad to hear it was just a focus issue (I'm afraid the trouble in question eluded me when I read it). I guess this more of a general query. If the film stock for any given scene is found to still be available, but is seriously damaged in some way, I suppose the only recourse would be to upscale the SD version? Or would they be able to use an alternative-but-slightly-different take? The book does make a point of telling us that many scenes were shot multiple times "for safety", so if the exact take that wasn't used in the episode originally proved to be unservicable, they might still have one which is 'good enough', without having to upscale like they did on the 'Next Level' sampler disc?

I apologise if I'm showing my naivety on the exact processes involved, it's just something that occured to me as a possible hitch to efforts in remastering. I genuinely wondered what the procedure would be in such a situation.
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