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Did anyone come across a mention of Legion? I don't recall ever seeing or hearing anything about it. At least Mordin got a nice send off with that datapad you find after the party.
I wondered about that too, but as far as I can tell, no, there's nothing about Legion. A pity considering both Mordin and Thane got a little something extra (even more so if your femshep romanced Thane.) Indeed, I was kind of hoping for a "toast to absent friends" scene in there somewhere. But I suppose given all the different permutations that would be a little impractical.

I also wish they didn't tease us with yet another poker table we don't get to use! Oh and while the new armour set you can win is nice, why did it have to be Cerberus armour *again*!? That's three. Why no Spectre armour? Hell, I would have been happy they used the same Alliance version as Ashley, Liara and Brooks wore. A set of the same armour the "villain" wore would have been nice too.
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