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Re: A question about remastering DS9 for HD...

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... I ask it here because it's got a sort of link to DS9.

I've been re-reading the Reeves-Stevens' book The Making of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine recently, and there's one section during the post-production of an episode ("In The Hands of the Prophets") where a story is told about a single close-up shot of Sisko where for some reason the actual film footage was unsuitable. It had a problem. This was corrected digitally at the time, so that they didn't need to get everybody down to the promenade set again just to do one shot.

Now, assuming that film footage still exists... presumably it would have whatever the problem was that the team found in the first place. The raw film stock hasn't been fixed, that was done in Post after it was transfered to tape. Would this mean that the team behind a hypothetical HD remaster of this episode would need to remember to do the 'correction' when it came time to revisit "In The Hands Of The Prophets"? Would there be a note somewhere to warn them that the shot needs fixing, or would they simply fix it as a matter of course? Or would they, indeed, need to upscale the SD source in order to get it to look how its supposed to look? I assume they'd be able to digitally fix it if the trouble was something like scratches on the film...
It's a good book. Very interesting.

The problem in question was that part of the footage was slightly out of focus. Given the huge advancements in technology that have been made since the ep was filmed, it's entirely possible that they would be able to correct the problem. However, even if they can't, the problem exists on the film original and will be apparent to anyone who is readying the film for HD.
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