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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 74; Debauchery and Mischief...

Dax: I'd rather kiss a targ!
Quark: That can be arranged.

Holy hell, Odo, how long have you been holding that in?
About five minutes, why?

Odo: Now that's a set of getaway sticks.
Quark: Nice stems, doll.
Worf: I'm a warrior, dammit!

Miles: Feels like - launching a class 1 probe in the wormhole.
Kira: Class 9 buoy, more like.

Sisko: - and when I turn back around I want to see my Best Captain in the Universe mug back on the table, no questions asked.
Odo: Not likely. I was the mug, moron! And you took me into the crapper!

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