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Re: Has there ever been a good reason...

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Although, admittedly, that would be far more plausible an explanation if we had seen male Vulcan officers dress in equally formfitting garments. For me, the problem isn't that Seven and T'Pol dressed that way, it's that nobody else did.
It is funny that she was the only Vulcan in the High Command that wore that uniform, surely it would be logical to have a standard uniform for all personnel rather than waste time and resources designing and making several types.

Her S3 outfits have a practicality factor, allowing freedom of movement, etc, but once in Starfleet their uniforms prove to be more than suitable for the purpose so she should have switched, there were no reasons for her not to.

Nx-01fan wrote: View Post
Now I may have this wrong, and with all the fanfic I read, it's not implausible, but I thought T'Pol's catsuits had a thermal element to them to keep her at comfortable and manageable temperature because Enterprise would have been set to a human's comfort level, not a Vulcan's.
There is that possibility, but that large chunk missing from her chest would have caused heating/cooling problems. If in a Starfleet uniform she could have a pair of long-johns underneath if she found the human standard too cold.

Nx-01fan wrote: View Post
Having said that, if that is true, what about Phlox......thank goodness we never saw him in a catsuit. SHUDDER!
It was bad enough known he's a nudist. Really, why did they have to expose us to that?
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