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No it's both an online and paper comic. The online version gets released before the physical copies ship.

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Comic companies cancel titles often. Take a look at the number DC alonr has dropped in the past 5 years. A decade.
And that is not good. The turnover is just one of the signs they are not doing too well.

Comic companies paying for pages (art) and scripts that end up never seeing the light of day is not uncommon, so any suggestion that paying for an unpublished OSC comic was some notable loss to the company is simply politicized stretching of reality.
No you are missing the point. People boycotting the comic, the editors paying for a story that will never see the light of day, that eats away at their bottom line. The bad rep, that is going to hurt sales and hurt their future plans for Superman. And Warner isn't going to be too pleased either with the bad publicity.
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