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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 74; Debauchery and Mischief...

Dax: You must train your mate to do whatever you so desire. [looks down] Worf, I tire of your efforts. Pleasure the Ferengi.

O'Brien: Odo, what the hell is all this?
Odo: Eh...this is how themselves.
Bashir: [looks around] You mean we're walking through your--
Odo: Yes Doctor. Be careful, Kira will be somewhere among it.

Odo: Nerys, I love it when you put your finger in there.
Quark: You're not the only one.
Odo: QUARK!!!!

Kira: Miles, I keep telling you! You're not a ventriloquist and I'm not your dummy!

Sisko: Does my bum look big in this?
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