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Re: Thoughts on "Valiant"?

Jake bothers me in the episode. He drops his dad's name thinking that gives him the final word in Starfleet tactical combat, whilst also having an opportunity to observe and report back on a crew who have lasted for months alone behind enemy lines, he goes in a huff and starts trying to undermine the Captain.

Nog is guilty of heroworship of the Red Squad, but he comes to his senses (admittedly a little late), but he is barely an ensign with his head still swimming with what he was taught at the Academy, so he would follow the chain of command.

As for the cadets themselves, I quite like them. Watters clearly has potential, though in need of a lot more experience, he does seem like an alright kinda guy. Farris is Shelby's mini-me, but does show a softer side in dealing with Watters. Shepard doesn't have much development but definately comes across as the cocky one on the crew. As for Dorian Collins, I really like her, its a shame they never had her return (possibly as a small recurring role on DS9 in S7, maybe a romantic angle for Nog). We did see Vulcans and Trill in the crew, shame there were no aliens with speaking parts though.
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