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Re: Did You Love Other Vintage Sci-Fi Shows?

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Lost in Space was unwatchable crap. Even as a kid I hated it.
Dr. Smith?

Buck was sort of OK but Twiki was just too annoying.
I could not stand Buck Rogers; the stupid meter used on BSG was turned on high in BR. Gil Gerard stuffing his diet-challenged ass in a spacesuit, or wearing open necked shirts to expose his hairy chest was only part of the disaster. The set decorations looked like something only seen at a sleazy Hugh Hefner party (circa 1979), and Twiki...Lost in Space's Dr. Smith never had moments as annoying as Twiki's.

Logan's run was just about O.K.
I remember being thrilled a LR series was in the works, since the film was fascinating in several ways. Unfortunately, the series lacked the urgency/danger of the film, as the TV Francis was nowhere near as threatening as the film version. When your chief antagonist is watered down, where can the series go from there?

The Invaders quickly became tedious and repetitive.
I thought it dealt with a few big ideas for the era. Perhaps it would have worked as a TV movie, rather than a series.

Space 1999 still looks great, but the science was crud and the stories went downhill in the second season.

UFO was very good.
I would like to see that again.

Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits and Night Stalker never appealed to me.
All winners...well, Kolchak the Night Stalker was at its best when not ripping its own TV movies set up (no one believes the supernatural element of a crime / Kolchak goes it alone / story buried). R.I.N.G. (A.I. robot) was an example of a novel, unexpected story, with a direct conflict with the government.
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