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[QUOTE=Hound of UIster;7778950
Their cancellation threshold is around 10-20,000 so yes 16,000 or even 4000 could make or break a book.[/quote]

Comic companies cancel titles often. Take a look at the number DC alonr has dropped in the past 5 years. A decade. The company moves on.

Because they PAID OSC already, but since the artist quit, they shelved the story and had to use ANOTHER story. So yes likely they are losing money and the negative publicity has already had stories boycotting the book.
Comic companies paying for pages (art) and scripts that end up never seeing the light of day is not uncommon, so any suggestion that paying for an unpublished OSC comic was some notable loss to the company is simply politicized stretching of reality.

That was in the 90s. The Return of Superman is part of the reason the industry crashed during that time.
You're missing the point, which is the "death" of a fictional character caused more of an uproar than this incident, which some (in this thread) are trying to turn into a controversy on the level of a certain administration BSing about WMDs.
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