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Large enough? If DC had to rely on an alleged 16,000 people for the survival of any of their titles, the company would fold.
Their cancellation threshold is around 10-20,000 so yes 16,000 or even 4000 could make or break a book.

Which makes this next statement outrageous:

DC is not losing a dime (or sleep) over this.
They probably are losing money. Because they PAID OSC already, but since the artist quit, they shelved the story and had to use ANOTHER story. So yes likely they are losing money and the negative publicity has already had stories boycotting the book.

To be frank, the comic publishing world recieved more heat from the death of a fictional character (Superman) than this issue.
That was in the 90s. The Return of Superman is part of the reason the industry crashed during that time.
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