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[What's your point? If they did something that offended a large enough people who would choose to boycott it, cause what, it would be in their best financial interests to change.
Large enough? If DC had to rely on an alleged 16,000 people for the survival of any of their titles, the company would fold. You are allowing your sociopolitical leaning make this into a cause it--apparently--is not.

DC is not threatened by this.

So, you watch things you might get offended by, what is your point? That you're the bigger person? Or MAYBE it's because SNL doesn't REALLY go all that far? Even in its Satire?
It means as a functioning adult, you should be able to exercise the choice to avoid content you do not like, or content produced by people with views you disagree with. A far different situation than trying to force those creating and/or producing content to influence hiring decisions (or content) because you cannot stand a view of one of the employees.

In other words, change the channel, let your fingers skip over a comic on the rack, etc.

I would argue his PUBLIC advocacy of Straight only marriage DOES damage their brand.
You will need to prove this. Yes, I know the media would have the world believe "everyone" supports same sex marriage, but if we take actual events on a case by case basis--away from the media generalizing, the OSC response is so tepid that it would suggest--strongly--the opposite: few care at all, and it is not going to damage the DC brand to any significant degree.

The signatures could grow to 30,000 tomorrow, but that too, is not a threat to DC Comics (or the parent company), and no one is taking to the streets over this.

To be frank, the comic publishing world recieved more heat from the death of a fictional character (Superman) than this issue.

Shouldn't that be reason enough to get rid of him?
Do you even hear yourself? Would you agrue the same if a gay writer's personal views offended 16,000 readers enough to complain for his removal?
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