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Re: Races represented in Starfleet

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And yet, there is not one Vulcan name among them. It obviously took Andrew Probert's intervention that we got a least the Surak shuttle in TMP.
Would Vulcans name ships? Would Vulcans even have ships from which to take names?

Sure, in ENT, their ships are named, but before that, given just TOS, we know Vulcan is an arid world, probably not possessing bodies of standing water large enough to need to be sailed across. In which case, Vulcans wouldn't have ships or the traditions associated with sailing. Perhaps no TOS starships were named after Vulcan ships or people because they did not possess that habit before joining the Federation.
Is there a reason Vulcans wouldn't named ships? They see to be respectful of their ancestors. While they may not have large bodies of water, they could still have other forms of transport. We name trains, planes and automobile. The Vulcans could have done likewise. Perhaps they use wind powered vessels to cross the deserts in ancient times.
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