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Re: The jello in Allegiance

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Personally, I always assumed that the gelatin discs in "Allegiance" were made from the collagen from the bodies of the previous inhabitants of the prison cell! Brings a whole new darker spin to the episode, huh? What would've happened to them if Picard hadn't discovered that the Starfleet cadet was an imposter and the aliens ended the experiment?
That would be a bit at odds with their later statements though.

"We were merely curious. We meant no harm."
"We did not, after all, injure you in any way."
Granted. But that's what they said when they were trapped by Picard. They were freaking out and wanted to be set free... they would've said anything! Should we simply assume that those statements were 100% truthful, considering their deceptive behavior on display throughout the episode? As Picard says just after that, "[Unlawful] Imprisonment is an immoral assault, regardless how you choose to justify it." Or words to that effect. What else were they capable of?

Now to be fair, the teleplay makes absolutely no hint of this kind of sinister origin for the food at all. This is all it says:

Picard stops at the feeder, pulls out a "hockey puck"
-- it's a dark, translucent disk of solid but malleable
material, sort of a gigantic gumdrop. Not very
appealing. Picard pulls off a small hunk, examines it.

So, it's really just bs fanwank on my part.
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