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Re: Oz the Great and Powerful - Grading & Discussion

I enjoyed it quite a bit too. Some parts were touching and at least one scene had me laughing out loud. I wasn't expecting that to happen. Williams and Weisz played their parts very well. They managed to capture the grace that came with the old-style performances we saw in the 1939 film. Franco didn't or couldn't shake his modernness, but I enjoyed his performance none the less. Kunis was good as Theodora, but she didn't totally pull off the Wicked Witch. Still, a valliant effort. Bits of her performance got it down well enough. It would have been nice if she could have done the "I'll get you my pretty!" voice. As for the story, it was nice and the ending was brilliant, well crafted and I like how well it plays into the 1939 movie. I feel bad for one character though. Mild spoilers ahead… Theodora. She's a real tragic character since we know what happens to her down the line. The only thing that could salvage such an end would be if she redeems herself in the sequel and then goes bad again of her own free will, and I suspect that that'll happen.
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