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davejames wrote: View Post
I'm certainly not a fan of these anti-gay marriage groups, but signing petitions and trying to throw a writer off a Superman comic just seems silly to me, and makes the whole movement look bad.
Yeah. And a couple of wife beaters make all men look bad. And all anti-war protesters are diminished by the actions of Code Pink, and...

Noname Given wrote: View Post
I sttill think it's a sad state of affairs when ANYONE is in effect persecuted for personal beliefs or what they say or think...
...or do.

You forgot to add that part in.

OSC doesn't just think I shouldn't have equal rights, he puts his money and time into the fight. He is a board member for the National Organization of Marriage, which is putting money into the fight against marriage equality in my state.

And I think persecution may not have been the word you were looking for there.
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