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It being good is probably the least of DC's concerns at this point. Just as Sheen being the star of a top rated TV was the least concern of the producers of that show when thinking about keeping him. They have a lot more at stake than doing something you don't like.
Actually, if Card's situation WAS like Sheen's they could have fired the guy without batting an eye. Sheen was coming to work stoned; and having problems DOING the work required. Sheen thought he was untouchable because of the high ratings and all the money being generated. The Producer/Creator had finally had enough though; and pulled the trigger and fired Sheen.

Again, in this situation, I'm NOT defending the guy's views AT ALL. I AM defending his right to be employed REGARDLESS of his views AS LONG AS those views do not affect his work product. I also acknowledge that DC is within its rights to NOT run the story if they feel it will hurt sales profitability; but again, I sttill think it's a sad state of affairs when ANYONE is in effect persecuted for personal beliefs or what they say or think - EVEN IF I think those beliefs are idiotic.
He got paid for his work. Once he turned in the work, his employment was at end. He may not be offered future work, though. Probably not worth the headache or bad publicity.
Being serious here for a moment.

This isn't just about comics.

The gaygenda found it's poster child, and they're going to follow him and keep kicking till he's a bloody mess that falls down a manhole. Any time he tries to earn money for the rest of his life, they'll be there until he is fired. One day they could still be protesting the homeless shelter that took Orsen in because the elements deserve a chance to kill him.

Stopping now because Superman is safe is weaksauce.

Do you think that Superman is really the only product so pure and noble that it can't be sullied by a homophobe? Maybe that's how it started, and I do mean MAYBE, but it's not going to be how it finishes. Card better make a lot of money off this movie, becuase I seriously think this is a dress rehersal for the movie, and if he can't live off what he makes form Enders Game (after it tanks) for the rest of his life, then he's going to be a drunk rentboy on meth living in an alley within three years. (It's not fair. Chosing to become a prostitute becuase everything went wrong is a game of chicken that woman always lose first. Not all women, just the women who become prositutues or get married. But by the time all the blokes figure out that the only way they can make ends meet is to have sex for a living, all the degenrate women that would pay for sex, are already prostitutes being paid for sex, so the lads either become "gay for pay" or drown themselves. Like I said, it's not fair that men have a stronger moral compass than women.)

Did this lynching of Orson Scott Card happen organically, or are we being manipulated by a spindoctor/publisist into generating and expressing these views we have now, until shaping the public concensensus like exactly how they wanted us to months in advance? Hell, consdering how publicity works, Cards own peopel might have started this just so he can been seen as some poor bastard beaten down and forced to come to an epiphany about how worng he is and deliver a sincere apology about his affiliation with this group and his hobby so that his PERSONALITY won't effect the back end on Enders Game, not unlike some grifter who throws themself under a bus to collect insuarance.

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