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Re: The Hunted (nBSG)

“Admiral on the deck,” one of the Cylons called out as Brother Cavil wheeled Mathias in his chair unto the command deck of the Basestar. And while the Colonial Fleet Chaplain snorted, Mathias maintained a serious expression on his face.

“As you were,” he replied to the handful of human replicant Cylons present. In addition to Brother Cavil—and the armed Sam Anders who served as Mathias’ bodyguard—there was one of each line. Except for the Sixes, of which there were two.

“Admiral Lorne,” Caprica said with a respectful nod of her head, “I believe you know John, D’Anna, Leoben, Simon, Aaron, and Boomer,” she quickly introduced her companions. “This is Natalie Faust,” she pointed at the second Six. “She is the commander of this Basestar.”

“Commander Faust,” Mathias said, and then he frowned at the hybrid. “She has no name?”

One snorted. “The thing is an idiot savant who mutters incoherently—she and the Basestar are one.”

“Upon the precipice you stand; Abyss at your feet; daylight comes,” the Hybrid spoke.

“See,” One said.

“Neither she nor the Basestar have a name?”

“They have a designation,” One answered. “That is sufficient.”

Pegasus and Scorpia are executing jump one,” reported D’Anna. “They will jump into the Guardian formation in . . . two minutes.”

Mathias frowned. “This ship needs a name before we enter combat—all ships of war need a name. They have a soul, and each soul needs to express itself.”

Natalie shook her head. “Now? You want to give this ship a name, NOW?”

“Would you rather name her after the battle?” Mathias asked with a wry grin. “Hecate,” he said.

Hecate?” asked Caprica.

“The Witch-Goddess of Kobol, Queen of Nature, and Protector of Woman,” answered Mathias. “And a right bitch in her own self, who would frack someone up for daring to piss her off—seems appropriate.”

Brother Cavil and Sam chuckled—and so did Natalie, the other Cylons just stared at Mathias.

“We appreciate all that you have done to fight for our rights as a people, Admiral Lorne, but I do not think . . . ,” Caprica began frostily, but another voice interrupted her.

“Preparing all missile batteries to frack up Zoe,” the Hybrid reported. “Hecate reports all systems ready for fracking.”

One groaned, even as D’Anna and Boomer laughed—and even Caprica chuckled. “See what you did,” she said. “Hecate is ready to jump, Admiral Lorne.”

“Prepare to launch all Heavy Raiders and Raiders upon emergence—Pegasus and Scorpia will arrive slightly before us. Our missile batteries will concentrate on targets of opportunity while they destroy the Styx—the Resurrection Ship,” he clarified.

“We did read your report and your designations, Admiral,” Natalie reported.

“Very well. Set the jump clock at thirty seconds—and may every man, woman, and machine in our ranks do their duty.”
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