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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 74; Debauchery and Mischief...

Dax: "Look, Quark. If you want me to be 'your ho' on this mission, we are going to have to lay down some ground rules."
Quark: "But I thought pimps were the ones calling the shots."
Dax: "Not this time, Quark. Underneath this fur is black leather and I have a whip and I can use it better than any Ferengi ever could."

O'Brien: "What's with this?"
Odo: "We're having a crossover with Babylon 5. Environmental controls have been modified to accomodate the Vorlons."

Kira & Miles roleplay "The Intendant and Smiley".

Sisko: "You all know why you're here."
Kira: "Is this matter really so serious to warrant calling us all together?"
Bashir: "What is this, an Inquisition?"
Odo: "Not now, Doctor."
Sisko: "Never did I think I would see the day when I would be ashamed by the conduct of my officers."
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