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Re: Friction at DC

Nagisa Furukawa wrote: View Post
But hey, look on the bright side, at least no bigoted author is trying to dictate the way you live your life through repressive legislation, so it's all good.
I'm bi-sexual and said earlier in the thread that I've had consensual homosexual sex. If Scott Card got his way, what I've done would have been illegal and make me liable for prosecution. Which is why, as I said, I think his beliefs are sickening and repugnant.

It just wasn't what I was discussing.
Than your position is even more baffling than before. If you acknowledge that he's actively trying to interfere in your personal life and choices (which you didn't acknowledge about him previously in the thread, but I digress), than how can you be so upset by people petitioning for his removal from the anthology? Turnabout is fair play and all that, even though what he's done is sooooo much worse.

By the way, I was serious about wondering (from anyone, not just you) whether the anthology is being published as separate books by each author that can be purchased individually, or combined into one book where you can't pick and choose which author's books you want to buy. Because to me, that gives extra motivation for the petition to remove Card from the book, because while they may want to boycott his writing, they might not want to boycott the other authors at the same time and hurt their sales. Just something to consider outside of the fact that OSC is a giant douche.


Let's look at the situation this way. Orson Scott Card is a person with celebrity, wealth, stature with the LDS Church and community, and access to the media. All of those give him a fairly good deal of power and influence over a wide range of people. Someone forming a petition to keep me from getting a certain job because of my pro-LGBT rights stances wouldn't make a whole lot of sense, because the reaction is disproportionate to my own power, influence, and access, which is minimal. Just yelling at me on an internet forum is an equivalent response. However, using collective action in the form of a petition to match OSC's power and influence with some of your own makes perfect sense and is reasonable and proportionate. Do you understand what I'm getting at now, and why you shouldn't have a problem with the petition?
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