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Re: "One Small Step" thoughts

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Chakotay always gets the shaft and by the end of the series didn't everything pretty much focus on Seven?
Not always. Season 6 was the low, the time there was the most conflict between the producers and him, though he seemed to get a reprieve in "Tsunkatse" and get a fair amount of screentime. He got decent usage in parts of Season 7. I found it interesting he was basically the one trying to get the shanghaied & brainwashed crew back in "Workforce", that it was basically up to him (and Kim, Neelix and the Doctor, 3/4 of the least liked characters according to the series' biggest haters) to reassemble the crew so Voyager's journey didn't end there. It's one of the only things Season 7 improved over Season 6 (and giving everyone their fair share of episodes focusing on them. Even DS9 Season 7 didn't exactly do that. Quark & O'Brien got the short end of the stick).

Critics claimed Chakotay started dying his hair in Season 6, but I just saw some Season 4 episodes again, and his hair looked uniformly black there (he had more gray in Season 2). I think he just used a different shade of black or one with a different sheen that made it more obvious.
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