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Re: Friction at DC

In America you have to let the NeoNazi Party have their NeoNazi Pride parades if they have all their permits paid up and signed off.

(I wish I was joking.)

Minorities should not be marginalized by the government or law.

Individual vs. Individual?

Civil discourse free for all short of libel and assault of course.

This is a society of words.


Multimillion Dollar Political Lobby Fund vs. Individual?

Card is not an individual.

He's Carl Rove or Herman Goering near the head of a great rampagin beast.

(Or is it a dinky action group with 12 members?)

Quite simply the gays (others?) have to sack up and counter this comittee with equal force... Or over whelming force which is what is happening here to the concept of same sex marriage.

Most of the sodomy laws still being enforced, and they are still being enforced, are so ill-defined that straight people have been jailed for giving and receiving blow jobs, where it's likely that not even a marriage licence could stop those stormtrooping cock-police from saving the worlds penises from saliva, by kicking even the Presidents door down to extract Michelle off his weiner and drag her away in cuffs, if the cock-police felt compelled to follow the letter of the law always.

Reductio Ad Absurdium.

If all sodomy is illegal, then sodomy can't be consensensual, then all sodmoy is rape, then all gays are rapists.
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