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Re: Races represented in Starfleet

Interesting "coincidence". I addressed the issue in a treatise I wrote earlier today and just posted a few minutes ago:
(some "outrageous" satire and sarcasm included!)

In TOS "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" Kirk said there are only 12 ships "like the Enterprise" in Starfleet which The Making of Star Trek revealed to reflect the original producers' intentions.

And yet, there is not one Vulcan name among them. It obviously took Andrew Probert's intervention that we got a least the Surak shuttle in TMP.

It could appear that Starfleet is really just a UFP label of what actually is still the (original) United Earth Space Probe Agency - an exclusive Homo sapiens club (from a TOS point of view).

Considering that most of the ships in TOS, the movies, TNG, DS9 and VOY carry Anglo-Saxon names, I'd assume we are looking at a majority of humans in the UFP (where it matters) - and almost all of these are apparently Anglo-Saxons.

Maybe the human species is the only one among the UFP members that still enjoys hazardous space exploration.

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