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Re: Friction at DC

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I have no problem with anyone holding any kind of views from getting work so long as their prejudices don't actively interfere with someone else's livelihood (IE, a racist manager discriminating against an African-American employee).
Or a bigoted author using his celebrity, money, and influence to support Prop 8 in California, a state he doesn't even live in but feels he should dictate whether some of its citizens should be able to marry or not.

Or the same bigoted author using the advantages listed above to promote legislation outlawing gay sex when it was still legal to do so. Which would seem to me to be something that might interfere in their "livelihoods" if they had hiring difficulties due to criminal record for simply being who they are, wouldn't it?

Or the same author possibly inspiring violence against homosexuals by comparing them to pedophiles and rapists, which of course doesn't affect their lives or livelihoods in any way.

Or supporting businesses that actively discriminate against homosexual employees, which he has done.

Keep those blinders on, chief.
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